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Senior Living Move Services

KenMover assist the elderly with professional packing and moving services needed in transiting into a senior living community home of all sizes. KenMover expertise will make your move worthwhile throughout the transition move.


Packing Services

Don’t worry if you can’t get everything packed up, KenMover can pack and move it for you. Packed and sealed in professional moving boxes, safe for transport. Organized for unpacking.

Inside packed moving truck.

Heavy Furniture?

No need to strain yourself. KenMover will wrap and haul your furniture to and from the truck. Disassembly and reassembly offered as needed.


Before your move!

For do-it-yourself convenience make sure that any items you packed are fully sealed.Take any pet(s)out of the moving area. Provide a clear working area so that KenMover can efficiently and cleanly move your belonging.

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Flat Rate

KenMover charges a flat rate per bedroom and travel distance up to 5 miles. Special items like pianos, safes and heavy work out equipment are not included in the flat rate quotes. Hourly services are available for such at request.

Peace of Mind

KenMover offers a professional moving service and will get your belongings to your destination safe and secure. Great effort will be made to keep your items in the condition they were picked up. Any concerns about fragile items should be brought up with Ken Mover before loading.

Long Distance

If you are moving a longer distance, KenMover will still be glad to assist. choose hourly rate today for a quote. If you don’t use KenMover transportation, KenMover can still help you pack,load or unload.


Please let KenMover know of stairs, extended distances from door to parking spot, tight parking areas for a large moving truck, gates with access codes, security checkpoints, elevator access, etc. Any of these can cause big delays in the moving day schedule if KenMover isn’t aware of them before hand.