Office/Commercial Relocation Services

KenMover provides commercial and office professional relocation services that will customized and identified the number of employees space and department desk and relocation packing/moving services needed in your business and office moving of all sizes. KenMover expertise will make your overall business and office move worthwhile into the schedules of your employees and overall business.

Inside packed moving truck.

Packing Services

Don’t worry if you can’t get everything packed up, KenMover can pack and move it for you. Packed and sealed in professional moving boxes, safe for transport. Organized for unpacking.


Heavy Furniture?

No need to strain yourself. KenMover will wrap and haul your furniture to and from the truck. Disassembly and reassembly offered as needed.


Before your move!

For do-it-yourself convenience make sure that any equipment, items you packed are fully sealed and marked with names of the employees desk or space with moving area. Provide a clear working area so that KenMover can efficiently and cleanly move your business office